Rugged Earth:  The Birth

Years ago, I discovered that despite the many translations of Tara, Rugged Earth rang the loudest and was the most cleansing.    My bones ached with this knowledge; a sigh of relief escaped parched lips.   I was a piece of soil, mixed with rock and sand, dirt and water.    Roots wove themselves around my spirit, while wind and flame burst from my inner core, binding me to the earth. Untapped strength emitted from me as I allowed myself to acknowledge that I was a piece of the land I stood upon.

I find myself on a constant journey, seeking peace of self in a tumultuous world.  From the harshness of brutal mountains where winds whip across barren landscapes, to sand encrusted shorelines molded by frigid waters crashing into shifting terrains, I discover solace.  Fragments of land find themselves ensnared within my skin, erupting throughout my soul.

The forces of Mother Nature – wind, water, flame and earth, mixed with the four cardinal directions pull at my entire being, molding her into existence.   Gaia, pregnant and swollen, birthed me from her loins eons ago.   Ancestral lands reached their hands up from the soil, heaving the spirits of men and women long past into the winds, carving me into the strong, powerful woman I am today.

Rugged Earth Blessings is a pilgrimage, an exploration of energies that burst forth from the land and sky.  As Gaia’s forces sculpt land and sea, I lay myself down and inhale her essence.

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